BTA Team 
  1. Carderock Swim and Tennis Club: 5 Outdoor Courts, 2 Lighted
    8200 Hamilton Spring Ct. Bethesda, MD 20817
  2. (PSTC) Potomac Swim and Tennis Club: 6 Outdoor Courts, 3 Seasonal Indoor
    10531 Oaklyn Dr. Potomac, MD 20854
  3. Country Glen Swim and Tennis Club: 3 Outdoor Courts
    10055 Glen Rd. Potomac, MD 20854

BTA sister clubs include: Westleigh Swim and Tennis (14900 Dufief Mill Rd. North Potomac, MD 20878) and Stonebridge Community Pool and Tennis (15001 Muddy Branch Rd. North Potomac, MD 20878)


Beginning in April 2020, Bethesda Tennis Academy will offer two types of programming for Juniors, BTA Club and BTA Team (All Adult Programs will be Club Programs).  Please read below for a description of each....

BTA Club Programs are offerered at each of our facilities and include every level from Beginner to Advanced.  Beginner/Low Intermediate levels include: Red (Ages 4-6), Orange Ages (7-8), Green (ages 9-10), and Futures 2 (ages 11+). The Intermediate level is our Classic program, and the advanced level is our Elite Program (stronger 7th and 8th graders may enroll).  BTA Club programs also include all of our adult classes.  Our club offerings require less commitment than our BTA Team Program while still offering the same great instruction and methods from our certified staff (Justin Reid, Roger Mensah, and Jordan Helderman).  Many of our Elite level players and some of the Classic level players could participate on the BTA Team, but prefer BTA Club for a variety of reasons (convenience, flexibility, less commitment, etc.).  All players ages 9 and under begin in our BTA Club programs.  Please click on one of the club tabs above to view days, times, costs, and to sign-up.  Each program is offerered at each club on different days, in order for you to find the best fit possible.  Members of each respective club only receive member rates at their club.

BTA Team Programs are directed by Neale Castillo and Nitin Deodhar.  This junior academy program (no adult classes) is designed for accomplished and highly competitive players whose primary athletic focus is tennis.  BTA Team Players compete in high level Sectional & National Tournaments with the desire to play Collegiately or Professionally.  All players enrolled in the BTA Team Program will pay a set fee each season that will allow them to attend as many classes per week as offered (outdoor season gennerally 5 classes per week, Indoors generally 4 classes per week).  Players will receive other benefits such as access to coaches at selected tournaments, Tecnifibre sponsorships, academy apparel, personalized fitness plans & tournament scheduling, as well as college placement.  Our teaching, philosophy, and connections within the NCAA has led to over 70+ collegiate players in the past 12 years.  BTA not only has connections to many collegiate coaches, but it has one on staff (Nitin Deodhar, Head Men's Coach, Catholic University).

BTA Team includes: Group A (UTR 7.0+), Group B (UTR 5.0-7.0), Group C (UTR 3.0+).  UTR's are dervived from all players league and USTA matches.  BTA only recognizes UTR's of players w 20+ matches played.  If a player has less than 20 matches in 12 months, they must be approved by BTA prior to enrollment.  If you feel as though you qualify for the BTA Team, please email [email protected], subject: BTA Team to apply.  Please include Players Name, Month and Year of Birth, USTA ranking and UTR rating.

​Spring 2020 BTA Travel Team GROUPS A,B, & C
April 12th-June 13th (9 weeks) 
Cost: $1650 (Players may attend all days listed below)
Payment: Made trough Venmo @Bethesda-Tennis-Academy or homepage
Potomac: Sunday 12-3pm, Monday 545-745
Carderock: Wednesday 545-745pm, Saturday 12-3pm
Westliegh & Stonebridge (Adjacent to one another): Thursday 545-745pm
Email, [email protected], subject: BTA Travel Team to apply.  Please include Players Name, USTA ranking and UTR rating.
If approved, register here