USTA, UTR, and BTA Leagues are great ways to gain match experience.  Each organization provides its own unique benefit!  Below is a description of each organization and what they can offer you as the player (links to each organization also provided below):

USTA Tournaments are designed for players of all levels.  Beginner players will play L7 and L8 tournaments in their respective age groups, more advanced players will play L5 and L6 tournaments, while highly ranked players will play national level and L3-L4 sectional tournaments.  USTA tournaments are especially important for players seeking to achieve a sectional or national ranking.  USTA rankings are considered by college coaches during the recruiting process. USTA Tournament Link: USTA Tournaments (please look for Mid-Atlantic Section Tournaments, you must be a USTA member to register)

UTR Tournaments have been increasing in popularity very quickly.  Internationally, UTR tournaments have been around for some time and college coaches weigh UTR ratings heavily while recruiting players in the U.S. and abroad.  USTA tournaments count toward a players UTR rating as well as UTR tournaments.  UTR tournaments are interesting because they base their tournament draws on UTR Ratings rather than age or gender.  Tournaments may match up 40 year-olds with 15 year-olds and women with men etc.  For younger players who want to avoid the orange and red ball tournaments, UTR is the way to go! Please remember that college coaches the UTR system and that scores within matches are very important towards a players UTR rating (fight for every game!).

For All UTR Tournaments Click Here: All UTR Tournaments

BTA Junior Leagues are designed for the Red and Orange Ball Programs.  Our next season will begin November 2018-February 2019.  Matches will take place at local elementary schools.  Sign-up will be posted by mid-September.

Adult Leagues are a great way for adult players to get competitive tennis played in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  At Carderock our ladies daytime teams compete in the GWTA league during the spring and fall seasons.  Carderock also has 2 ladies and 1 men’s team that participates in an evening league during the summer.  Country Glen will be adding 1 ladies and 1 men’s team to this summer league for 2018.  Members of each respective club get first priority for matches.  Please contact Nitin Deodhar at for more information.



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