Adult Programs

Potomac Swim and Tennis Club: 10531 Oaklyn Dr. Potomac, MD.
Register online and pay via PayPal (on the Home Page, accepts major credit cards) or mail payment to: Bethesda Tennis Academy, 11640 Partridge Run Ln. Potomac, MD 20854.  Payment due upon sign-up.  Make-ups for inclement weather can be done by attending the same program on another day. Call 301-365-1541 (Info Line) one hour before class if Weather May Be A Factor That Day!


Ladies Interclub Team Practices (A,B and C Teams PSTC Members Only Program in Spring and Fall):

Women’s Team practices consist of a warm-up, fed and live-ball drills, and match play.  BTA staff will bring the experience and energy that has led many of our teams to league, section, and national championships!

Spring 2019: April 15-June 3, A Team Monday 9-11am, B Team Tuesday 9-11am, C Team Monday 11-1pm (ALL TEAMS PSTC MEMBERS ONLY)
Cost: $240
Instructor: Justin Reid, Raul Molina, and Neale Castillo

Summer 2019: June 24-July 31, A Team Monday 1130-130pm,  C Team Tuesday 1130-130pm, B Team Wed 1130-130pm (PSTC Team Players and their guest welcome) (6 weeks)
Cost: $240 for Session, $50 Drop-in
Instructor: TBD
Sign Up Here: BTA Interclub Summer Practice Sign-Up

Tennis 101 (Foundational Program):

Clinic is open to players from all clubs. Designed for those who want to learn or re-learn the game of tennis the “right way.”  Our teaching staff will guide you through techniques, footwork, swing paths, contact points, follow throughs, as well as basic court positioning and game understanding.  After our Tennis 101 class, you will have the proper foundation to rally and continue to build upon your new tennis game!

Spring 2019: April 28-June 7, Sunday 12-1pm and/or Fridays 130-230pm
Cost: $130 1 day/week (6 Classes), $260 2 day/week, (Non/Mem $150, $300). Drop-in $30, $35 (non-mem). Email in adv for Drop-In
Instructor: Bruce Goldstein
Sign Up Here: Click Here for Tennis 101

Summer 2019: June 24-Aug 2, Friday 630-730pm (8 weeks)
Cost: $170 members, $195 non-members (drop-in $30 mem, $35 non-mem)
Instructor: Justin Reid
Sign Up Here: Coming Soon

**Please CONTACT US with any questions.** 

Men’s Advanced Adult Clinic 3.5+ NTRP co-ed (Select Program):

Over the years adult players have mentioned that they would like the same level clinics and intensity that BTA offers its Junior Invitation Program (Sectionally and Nationally Ranked Juniors).  Well, you got it!  Our Adult Advanced Class will have the same warm-up, drills, and fitness as our top level junior programs.

Spring/Summer 2019: April 29-July 25, Thursdays 6-730pm
Cost: week to week sign-up ($30 per class)
Instructor: Jordan Heldman
Sign Up Here: email Nitin Deodhar at to sign up

BTA Fit Tennis (CARDIO):

Get Up, Get Going!  Our 630-745am BTA Fit Tennis Class is not for the weak!  Your instructor will lead you through a series of fast-paced fed ball drills, that will give you the exercise and tennis reps you desire.  There will be a water break each 15 minutes (1 min rest), ball pickup will be done by jogging, instructor will assist in ball pick-up.  You will leave tired yet energized at the same time!  (Foundational Tennis Skills Recommended (NTPR level 2.5+).

Summer 2019: June 26-July 31, Wednesdays 630-730pm
Cost: $120 mem, $138 non/mem, drop-in $30 mem, $35 non-mem
Instructor: TBD
Sign Up Here: Coming Soon

Live Ball Doubles:

This 1.5 Hour fast-paced doubles program is guaranteed to sharpen your doubles game while giving you a workout.  Each class will consist of 3 different live-ball drills designed with specific doubles situations in mind.

Spring 2019: May 4th -June 8, 4.0+ Level Saturday 930-11am, 3.0 & 3.5 Level 11-1230pm
Cost: $200 for Session (6 Classes) (Non/Mem $230) Max 6 players per court/Instructor. Drop-In $40 mem/$46 non/mem email in adv
Instructor: Neale Castillo
Sign Up Here: CLOSED

Summer 2019: June 24-Aug 2, Friday 12-130pm 3.0-3.5 one court, 4.0+ one court
Cost: $180 mem, $210 non-mem, drop-in $40 mem, $46 non-mem
Instructor: Neale Castillo
Sign Up Here: Coming Soon

Stroke Breakdown (Foundational/Developmental/Specialty Program):

BTA picks a stroke each week, breaks it down, and builds it up with the correct foundation for future development.  The right stroke is essential to stay healthy, have consistency, develop pace, and for continued growth.  This class will emphasize a particular strokes, grips, turn, footwork, stance, swing path, rotation, contact point, spins, follow-through, and recovery.  Our list of strokes include, serves, topspin forehand, slice forehand, topspin backhand, slice backhand, forehand block volley and slice volley, backhand block volley and slice volley, and return of serves

Spring 2019: April 29-June 3, Mondays 545-645pm
Cost: $130 for Session (6 Classes) (Non/Mem $150).  Drop-In $28, $33 (non-mem).  Email in adv for Drop-In
Instructor: Roger Mensah
Sign Up Here: CLOSED

Summer 2019: June 24-July 30, Monday 630-730pm (6 weeks)
Cost: $120 members, $138 non-members (drop-in $30 mem, $35 non-mem)
Instructor: TBD
Sign Up Here: Coming Soon

Please email Nitin Deodhar at for more information or scheduling.



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